This delicate floral cotton is here for Summer. 

Summer Garden Floral

Giving us a sense of nostalgia- taking us back to our childhood memories in our Nanny's gardens, surrounded by flower gardens and playing games with our siblings and cousins. 

This print is everything we need right now to add a little colour and flora to our wardrobes. This fabric has been carefully chosen to compliment our Capsule Collection.

The Summer Garden floral cotton works beautifully with the Oyster, Flint Grey and Dusky Clay linens. If you would love to see it next to any of the linens, to make a complete outfit, please do not hesitate to contact Rebecca.

To minimise waste and a bid against fast fashion, pieces are made to order. From the moment the fabric is cut to the last seam being sewn, Rebecca hand makes each piece with care. 


Rebecca, the founder of Little Dottie Designs, is delighted to announce the launch of her first ever Womenswear collection. 

The collection is inspired by Motherhood, a reflection of her own journey and the slow, mindful life which she wishes to live.


Bringing you beautiful, comfortable and practical pieces which can grow with your body throughout all stages of Womanhood. 

Womanhood, celebrates women and strives to make them feel beautiful, connected and loved.


Finally connecting Motherhood and Childhood through beautiful slow clothing. 

We hope you love the new collection.

Through considered elements, neutral colours, 

timeless designs & quality fabrics-

this capsule collection allows you to mix and match 

signature pieces to create a wardrobe which combines

the core values behind the collection; 

slow living and childhood


Born from Rebecca's passion to create beautiful,

simplistic and practical clothing for little ones, along with striving to do better for the younger generations.  

With this in mind, the collection has 

room to grow with your child. Styles which suit the

whole family and can be passed down to siblings.

Colours have been carefully chosen to compliment 

one another and be worn throughout all seasons.

Build your foundation for everyday living.

Mindfully made in our home studio in Norfolk, England.



Norfolk, UK