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If you have seen something you love in our Lookbook but it isn't one of our classic pre made pieces, or if you would like a certain style in your personal favourite fabric then of course we would be more than happy to accommodate this special request. We can also make items bigger or smaller depending on your wishes. 

There are a limited number of Special Requests available each month. If you would like a special order please purchase one of the below. You will just be charged for the postage, and this secures your personal custom slot and enables you to have a direct conversation with Rebecca. Most garment styles can usually be made up to 4-5 Years, sometimes we can accommodate older children too.


If you wish to ask any questions please do email Rebecca on or via Instagram @little.dottie.designs

Please note Rebecca will always try her best to fulfil your special requests, this is subject to fabric availability. Due to the nature of making a special request and the time taken to make to order, there is an additional small 10% added to the price of the garment style requested. Turnaround time is usually around three weeks for special requests. 

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