Magic of Childhood


The Magic of Childhood collection takes us back to our own childhoods. Filling our minds with nostalgic memories. This collection offers traditional, yet beautiful pieces to join little ones on their adventures,

where they use their imaginations to create magical play with the natural elements that surround them. 

Just as we once did with our families and friends. 

Inspired by our roots and the journey that we've been given this year.

A reminder- we are so lucky to have one another, the connections we have with our dear children

and the magical moments we can make with just the simplest of things around us at home. 

Taking the time to slow down and live in the present, not wishing for more or to grow older.

Is there anything better than seeing them filled with joy and enjoying nature?

Please note- you are able to choose your preferred fabric in the drop down boxes on each product page.

All items are available in all the Magic of Childhood fabrics, including quilts and bows.